Thursday, July 12, 2012

Even When It Hurts

The book is done. It's perfect, or at least from what you can see. You spent too many hours to count making it perfect and now that's it done you want to show off the work to others. I met other writers who have clearly stated they don't want their book to get pass their family and close friends. They are just writing for that group and not for the whole world to see. I respect that decision and preference. I find it incredible how many writers will write on hours for end and find it honoring for their families to just read. But then there are the other writers like myself. I write not only for my family to read but for others to learn about my writing and name. I write because I want to be recognized and noticeable in the writing world. When I finished my first novel I hit a rock in the road. I was writing on end and edited without a problem, all until I finished those two steps, then I was stuck. I figured I had to get it published but how and who. I had not the slightest idea about the publishing world and what's required. I bought many books on publishing a book and braced myself for this next endeavoring journey. I mentioned in a past few posts that my book got accepted to a publisher a few weeks ago. Well I shouldn't say accepted. I was asked by an editor if they could have my book proposal. I used every spare moment I had to compose this book proposal and then sent it off with prayer. It took exactly one month for something to come back (though it felt a lot longer). The moment I saw that email in my inbox my fingers couldn't more fast enough and for a long minute I felt sick to my stomach. Sure enough, all of my actions proved true. The book was rejected. They never do say why, though I was tempted to ask what exactly happened. But I reminded myself that they are busy and have a lot of projects to work on. I was thankful they looked at it at least and now I know I need to go back and work on it more. When? That's the problem.

It's not easy being a writer. There are many, many complications and difficulties along the way. Hurdles that seem impossible and sometimes I think if I even have it to be a writer. But then the thought hits me the same way it hit me when I discovered my passion to write. I recently read that if you write more than three sentences in a facebook status, text over 160 characters, and cannot help but write more than three paragraphs in an email, you are a writer. Yes, all of those points fit me. I cannot help but write lengthy and in detail. I want my voice to be heard and this goes all the way to my book and how I want it to get out there. I want my writing to be noticeable. If people were to read my writing and become engaged in the work, I would be pleased. I have imagined myself being a bestselling Author for years now and when that editor first asked to see my book, I was appalled. Of course I was even more appalled but more hurt when it was rejected. It hurt because I thought I had my foot in the door and something could come out of this. But I learned that even if I write just for myself, my family, and friends then that will be enough. I won't write for the fame and money. I write because I love it. When I put my hands to the keyboard each  morning, there's  a powerful emotion that overcomes me. I write and can't stop writing. My hands fly across the keys and punch in letters. I soon realize I have gone over one thousand words and I'm still writing. I know without a shadow of doubt that writing is my niche. It's my desire and I belong to writing just as much as writing belongs to me.

With all that said this isn't much of a post to learn from or gain insight from. Perhaps you can take it as a lesson to never give up even when people give up on you. If you were made for writing then you will have the endurance to stick through with it, even when the stumbling blocks come between and literally flip you over. Study the market. Know which publishers will accept your work and which won't. If you're writing a romantic novel and send it to a publisher who just accepts mystery, well don't be disappointed when they reject you. Be wise in which avenues you pick and someday soon you will receive that book contract to sign and get on with the business. But the most important thing is writing. Because without you writing there would never be a book, a book full of your imagination and ideas!