Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Who Is Called A Writer?

What makes me a writer? And when can I call myself a writer? Do I have to be published first or well-known in order to say that I'm an author?

Let me break the news for you. YOU are a writer the moment you decide to write. The moment you put action and thought together and compose a series of words, you are a writer. The words that come together and form creativity tell you what kind of writer you are. There are many different kinds of writers, just as there are different people. You have the relaxed writer. The one who writes by mere chance, writes for fun and jots down anything. Then you have the mediate writer--the one who is serious but in the same tense relaxed. He writes when he can and tries to be serious but at the same time, he has a relaxed mode about him. And then there is the serious writer. This person sees himself as a Bestselling Author, climbing steps at a recognized publishing house and writing columns for New York Times. Figure out which one you are. Are you comfortable with where you are? Staying in your hiding spot and writing from your bedroom or do you wish to work downtown in Chicago, LA, or New York with a publishing company? The person within you has to decide this. Do you want your voice to be heard, or are you perfectly content with your solitude? Both are good factors, deciding which one is you is the point.

Your Writing Determines YOU
So again, what makes me a writer? This is a question many new writers ask. Do you have to have ten books published, working for Chicago Sun-Times and go on book tours in order to be called a writer? No. The moment you decide to write that manuscript, the story that has been brewing in your mind for the past few months, you are the writer of that piece. The project doesn't have to be published in order for you to be a writer.You might be the kind who likes to write for fun, sharing your work with family and friends and keeping it in your circle of reach. You are still considered a writer. You will know that you are a writer when you figure out that you cannot live without writing.Your characters have such a pull on you. They begin to talk in your mind, interact with your thoughts, and make you think differently about things. Aside from that note, a writer is one who is has the self-motivation to write endlessly. The one who is okay to live in solitude for a few hours or days. The one who builds a connection with his/her audience. A writer is the one who wants to make a difference with his/her voice being heard. If you want to make money and gain fame, then this is the wrong profession. There is no guarantee that you will make millions the moments you write those words down. And there is no knowing if you'll be a well-known author. It comes with experience, patience, and determination. If you want it, you will run after it and catch it.

A writer is often confused, but this makes us the WRITER. All of those thoughts and crazy ideas jump up and down in our mind making everything unclear. The writer is a person who doesn't give up even on the tough days. The days will come where nothing seems right and no words will form. But those days are there for perseverance, questioning our ability if we can do this. You can if you want to experience the journey of creativity, adventure, and flexibility in day to day life. A connection starts the moment you form those words, the second you decide that you are a writer because you can't imagine doing anything else. Writing books, short stories, articles, devotionals, scripts, essays, and so on are a variety of writing you can do. Perhaps you're the writer who will explore or maybe you're the one who will stay with one specific niche. Whatever it is, you can write because you want to and you will be that writer because you can!

You are a writer by practice and determination. Not everyone has this talent, so call yourself blessed and special. A writer sees life from different eyes, they understand incidences with a much deeper acknowledgement. You are an author the moment that manuscript is complete and a writer the second you devote time to your creative thoughts. Something magical happens the moment you start writing. Everything else can wait but those ideas. This special assignment is assigned to only a few, so grasp it if that is you. You will know in your heart if you are a writer, I promise you, you will just know!

I'm a Writer and am not ashamed! Because at the end of each day, I feel accomplished and if you are a writer, you understand.