Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The List of Genre is Just Starting!

This week I decided to tackle something entirely different. Over the past few weeks I have discussed the many aspects of the writing life and what it takes and what is doesn't take and how to discover such and such. I hope you have a greater understanding for all of this because this week, I'm going to start opening a different topic. Over the course of weeks, I'll discuss the various genres there are and a bit of insight from each. But to start with, I'll talk about my writing experience (I love sharing my side, especially since it drastically changed overnight.)

Alright, before I picked up the craft of writing, I was against all fiction. I didn't like fiction. I ignored fiction. I shunned fiction. I literally disregarded all books that were fiction related. I thought reading fiction was a waste of time, entirely unnecessary and irrelevant. I didn't find enjoying when reading fictional books, so I clearly decided that fiction wasn't for me. I stuck to the nonfiction books, the one that gave me something, a message. Whenever I would pick up a novel, I would stare at the cover and think, "I wish I could learn to like these kind of books." Because to be honest, the covers on most novels are tempting. There's just something amazing that the author masters. They have a way to capture the buyer with their cover, even if the book itself isn't captivating. I would walk through any bookstore and clock to the fiction section and grab a handful of books just to study the covers, not going beyond that. Okay, so without me even reading the book, I quickly learned that the author did a great job with luring me to the book just by having an awesome cover. 

But what got me to read novels? Well, in the summer of 2010, I just graduated and was tired of reading books about facts and books that took more concentration to grasp the message. I wanted to relax. I wanted to be the kind of person who would curl up with a blanket and read for hours on end, not able of putting the book down. I remember pulling out a book I got from the library for the summer. Again, I stared at the cover and understood why I picked this book. The cover alone was mesmerizing. It was incredible. So what did I do? I opened it, probably just like anyone else would do. I skimmed through the prologue, flipped through the middle, and landed on the last sentence (my mistake always). The last sentence alone got me. It made me curious to read the book and that I did. Well, I'm proud to say that after that I haven't shunned a novel in a long while. There have been nights where I cannot set the book down, I have to force myself to do it. 

After that I started having this niche to write fiction, not just any kind of fiction, contemporary and dramatic fiction. You will soon learn that there are a ton of different subtopics under fiction. I won't go into detail right now, I'll save that for another post. But yes, I took up the task that I hated most. I decided to write fiction and honestly, I can't get enough from it. There is always a character stirring in my mind. Sometimes I leave my characters in an iffy situation. I do this on purpose because I cannot wait until I can get back to my story and fix their dilemma. When I write, the world I live in closes down for awhile. Everything that goes on kind of goes on without me. I'm interacting with my characters. I'm having internal conversations, we are getting to know each other. 

You must be comfortable with your writing. You need to feel right doing it, knowing that this is something you can write/talk about all day. Know the topic you're writing about. Maybe you're into nonfiction, the facts. Or perhaps you like to read articles and would be interested to write for a magazine or newspaper. You don't have to seclude yourself to just one specific type of writing. Be open to anything and everything. Try a bit from here and some from there, but I assure you, there will always be that one kind of writing you'll enjoy more than the other. You're human. We tend to have favorites. 
Different topics lead to different interests 

I love fiction. You might be different. But that's why there are a wide variety of books, because everyone has a different taste and there are those authors who like to tackle the things someone like me wouldn't dare handle. Next week we'll talk about the many aspects of fiction (short story, novel, novella). 

Explore. Experiment. Challenge yourself. Write.