Wednesday, June 6, 2012

I Am Refueled

Last week I had the opportunity of attending a four day writing conference. I had many sleepless nights, had to force myself from not dozing off during sessions, was slap-happy at night, didn't feel out of place and weird, and couldn't contain anymore information by 8 every night. But the experience was so worth it. I learned so much, more than any college English class could probably give me. I received information from published writers, many authors who are in my niche. I discovered my audience and the focus I'm writing to. Not only did I gain encouragement and direction in my writing, I was given an extra source of confidence. During last week I discovered my real interest and that is writing. For awhile I thought it was something else, but last week showed me that my degree will remain in the Fine Arts department, my path is stuck to writing, like it or not, I can't go back. It was incredible to meet so many writers, many with a similar interest as mine and others geared elsewhere. Every day I would sit and eat with someone else. I had the chance to converse with writers who have been writing for 30 plus years and then students who just picked up this avenue.

The conference, Write-to-Publish, was such a great experience. I made friendships with many of the people I met and we ate off of each other's ideas. On Friday I had two appointments with editors. Believe me, it was not easy to convince myself to talk with them. I was nervous and scared they wouldn't like my ideas. A friend I met at the conference had to literally push me in the auditorium to conduct this meeting. Before this interview my focus was different. I aimed for a degree in the health and wellness area. I didn't think I would have much of a chance in the writing avenue. I love writing and would definitely keep it up, but I figured it would be awhile before any editor or publisher would be interested in my work. It took that little shove and then the click in my mind that in order to get out there I need to put myself out there. I was surprise to find a book publisher interested in my book--you might know what I've been up to all week: composing a book proposal! I know this doesn't mean everything, it's just the start. I have one foot in the doorway and the rest will be left to the Lord.
Find your niche. Know what you're doing and if the thing your doing begins to let you down, pick it back up and press on. There is power in waiting and you'll soon see the rewards. I don't know where life is taking me, all I know is that I'm called to write and how dare I run away from that passion. I cannot imagine leaving my characters alone, whatever will they do. To not write is like stabbing myself, a pain so deep and real. Go back to that real calling, the passion that lies within your heart. I encourage you to attend writer's conferences, they are fun and encouraging, but also overwhelming so take it a step at a time. You establish friendships with like-minded people who enjoy what you enjoy. But make sure you are always writing. Keep the fire burning within and don't let it die just because of criticism, rejection, or lost of passion. Perhaps you will just write for fun, for family and friends only. Again, I encourage you to keep it going and never fail in what you're doing. Being a writer is an honorable job. And yes, there may be days were you feel entirely alone because you are alone, or you feel rejected and think this job is incompatible, but I reassure you, if you were called to it, don't ignore it.

If you're feeling down, remember this. Rethink your life and what your goals are. What do you want to do? Chances are, you'll have a much clearer vision after that. I sure did. It took me good darn while to realize I'm a writer so I write. I live in my books and take notes wherever I go--I have it in me. I am now refueled and energized to tackle any project in front of me.

  • Read
  • Rewrite
  • Adapt
  • Listen
  • Passion
  • Dream/Pray
  • Revise
  • Persistence
  • Originality
  • Intact
Those eleven points came from the mouth of authors and editors. It is their advice that keeps me going and I pray it'll keep you going as well! 

Stop reading. Go write.