Thursday, June 14, 2012

Heart-felt Writing

What shows through your actions comes from the heart. True? I believe so. That what we love most comes through our thoughts, actions, motives, emotions, feelings, and speech. But where does it evolve from? The heart. The same goes for writing.  I have witnessed someone writing a book on fantasy because as we all know, fantasy is a great hit these days. This particular person despised fantasy, never dared writing or reading about it. It turns out he realized tackling it would be a challenge but the rewards might be worth the sacrifice. He studied every single element of fantasy, researched every possibility, and dedicated every hour available to write this fantasy driven book. In the end he didn't only write an incredible story, he learned to love what he mastered in undertaking. It took him many years and between those years there were times when he wanted to throw the towel and give up all together. He didn't. Why? He found a deep connection to a part he didn't even know about. 

  • I first most encourage you to write about something you know about but if you're brave to conquer something you despise, go for it and nip it in the bud. This is hard and I'm being serious about it. There's nothing easy when you hate something so bad. 

Think about an incident in your life. I have many. As a matter of fact, I can name a particular person who makes my blood boil, he makes the hair on my neck stand. I wouldn't dare write about him in my journal or story--though it might be a good horror story ☺My point is, write what you love. If you enjoy those romantic flings, the ones many hate but many others love and eat every book, then write them. But if you like suspense and mystery, dissect that market and everything considering that genre and get to work. Who cares what every one say, you are writing because you cannot NOT write: remember that. Recently an editor asked me to a write flash fiction (stories in under 1,000 words). The genre he is looking for isn't in my niche of interest but I won't let that stop me. Another thing to consider is to not shun proposals or new ideas coming your way. As a write you'll soon realize your mind is full of ideas all the time and running with more ideas. Why is it that every time you decide to shower a captivating idea strikes and if you don't write it down you fear you'll never shower again because you're scared it'll happen. I still have that to figure out. Anyway, first write what you know. If you have an interest write articles or short stories or perhaps even a novel in that genre. And after awhile if you're brave and eager to try something else, go for it. 

  • Don't let your mind tell you can't do it and force you to stop because of those petty little lies. You might realize a hidden love for something you didn't even know about. You can master it, it just takes more practice and time. 

Whatever you write make sure your heart is in it all the way and if not, learn to become engaged with your ideas and if that still doesn't work, start over and revive your mind with something totally different. Something riveting. Create real long sentences, the ones that make you read on and on forever and seem to have no end but still make sense in the end. And then the abrupt ones. Short to the point. And clear. But always remember to boost your ego with something you enjoy because that which you enjoy most, will reap the best fruit.

Stop reading and go write now.