Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Only the Beginning

Write your thoughts first!

What is writing and what does writing have to do with life? Ah, such a question I hear far too often. Writing is more than composing school papers, essays, resumes, and term papers. Writing can be life. As a matter of fact, writing is life. Everything resolves around writing. There is such beauty in words, words that have meaning, life, vibrancy, and joy. Writing has been around longer than we can think. People have been writing since the day they wanted to express their thoughts. Life and emotions come around when a pen is placed to paper. People have the desire to express their emotions, few can exact this task.
 One cannot explain the beauty and freedom in words. Joy and sorrow can be expressed, as well as anger and happiness. The pen is the tool, our thoughts are the master--we choose what to write and how to write such things. It is an unexplainable task, something so exhiliarting, perfect. It is a mystery, but also a miracle when we allow our thoughts to roam.
Writing is beautiful. It's a task that takes us away from every day life. There are the moments where we have to escape for a time, may it be five minutes, twenty minutes, or a whole hour. Writing exacts this for us. It causes us to be higher in thinking and brighter when it is complete. Writing is one of those things that take practice. It takes time to let go, time to cast our thoughts on paper. At first the hands and mind aren't in sync, but over time the two go hand-in-hard, hardly inseparable. Writing must come from the depths of our souls, you must be real to your own self before you can accomplish this practice. Just as practice makes perfect, writing daily makes your writing perfect. Eventually you will notice that you can journal or jot down ideas wthout much thinking--it happens. You will soon become a person lost in the land, the mysterious, winding, miraculous, creative land of writing.
I encourage you to pick up your pen (or computer/laptop in this sense) and write away. Write for ten minutes nonstop, anything you can think, anything on your mind. It doesn't matter what it is, as long as it is for ten minutes. When the ten minutes are over, stop. This is only the beginning to a life-long journey of excitement, pleasure, and an emotional race. Writing, let it become part of your life. Live life as though everything you do is being written down...make it important and interesting. Make it worthwhile!

Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.
~Benjamin Franklin