Thursday, August 2, 2012

Read! Read Anything and Everything!

Last week I mentioned how I was at the lowest point in my writing. I felt hopeless and as if nothing could bring the spark again. To be honest, I almost gave up last week. There was a thought that ran through my mind and I'm ashamed of that thought now. But since we're all writers, I can share and I know you'll understand. I thought of deleting my novel from my files. Why? I didn't think it was good enough. I didn't think I had the greatness to hone the craft. I won't go on to explain everything again, you can read my past post and perhaps gain some encouragement from it. But I will tell you what I did to rekindle the fire within my chest. I read a book. Sounds simple, right? Well, read along and you'll sooner discover.

Last week Bethany House Publishers sent me one of their newest releases, asking if I can review this book for them. Of course I agreed and once the book came in I began reading. It didn't take long and my writing juices were back up, probably higher than before actually. I read and my eyes spotted great sentences, descriptions, dialogue, context, character development, and much more. I then turned back to my novel and skimmed through a few of the chapters I composed months ago. I read them and I was impressed. You must have a healthy balance of pride for your work because if you don't believe it's good, who will? You need to believe you can do something and even while you're doing it, don't ever give up. There is greatness in you and you can master the skill of writing a book. You can write a short story of 1,000 words, it's possible. You need to put your mind to it. Read books. Read anything to inspire you. Sometimes I'll search for encouraging quotes on writing and read those. Because sometimes all it takes is that little push to get us back on the road and once we're there, there's no turning back. If you have the passion in your heart to write, then don't fight against it, fight for it.

Reading helps bring out the best in your writing. It can establish new ideas for you or plainly encourage you that you too can write something. Yesterday morning was one of my days where I was discouraged, more like depressed. I have a birthday coming up and this whole thing is bringing me down. It has nothing to do with my writing actually. I told a friend of mine that I feel incompatible, wondering what have I accomplished in my life. When he shot back words, "Not many have written book in your age" I realized how true that is. We each have done something differently but have accomplished something great. And if writing is your strength, get out there and write. So I beg you to not give up. You will fall down as a writer and you'll hit the ground real hard but when you do, you must get right back up. Read something inspirational to get you started again and once you're back on track, don't get off. It's harder to stay on than to stray off.

Read, read, read. Writing comes from reading and reading comes from writing. They go hand in hand. Master the basics of literature and whatever you do with your life, don't ignore your calling. If it takes you to go the extra mile to achieve it, then do it. Don't stop now. Read historical, mystery, romance, adventure, contemporary, Christian, how-to, articles, testimonials, and whatever else you can get your hands on. You've come too far to let go and forget you were a writer. Because if you really are a writer, you'll be strong enough to fight the deadliest words about your craft. You'll be brave enough to step out on your own. And you'll be persistent enough to finish.