Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Write Even When It Doesn't Feel Right

It's been a long day. Perhaps you worked a 12 hour shift today or maybe you were stuck at school for more than half the day. Maybe you were caught up in traffic for hours, wasting that precious extra time in your evening. Or maybe just maybe you are sick and tired of the same routine day by day. Ever feel that way? Do you ever feel that you are walking the same path each and every day? It can get kind of daunting, can't it? Boring isn't the word I like to use, so what about aggravating? It is aggravating. You work so hard to earn money, study so hard to achieve high scores, and try so hard to do just about everything right but it doesn't feel right. You feel unsatisfied, displeased.

What should you do?


When everything feels like it's crashing down on you, when you feel as if your emotions are over the top and just ready to explode, write. Many don't even know the power writing has. It sounds ridiculous because it's your own mind talking but that's the point. It is very therapeutic when you can freely write your own thoughts down, your feelings. There are so many thoughts running through your mind daily and many of those thoughts can spur into ideas. But it all starts with writing. You cannot write until you decide that you can do it. That last sentence might have just left you confused so read it again. You cannot write until you decide that you can do it. If you constantly doubt yourself saying that you aren't made for this or you just don't have it in you, then it's time that you stop saying those lies.
So your long day is nagging you now. You feel hopeless and despondent. You're not sure where to start or where to go next, you feel very low. But what can writing do, you may think. How does writing your thoughts down help? It actually sounds more like a burden because you have to do something in order to relieve the stress. Wouldn't it be easier to just pop a movie in, grab some chocolate, and pout in your depression? Maybe. But what will it do for you in an hour from them? Tomorrow? Learning to feel your thoughts and hear them is something so important. When you are in sync with your mind you can then freely let go of the sensations and know that you have a destiny. And once you find that connection with your mind a list of ideas can start. You may finally realize that writing is the bridge to the broken road you have been walking along.

Journal whenever you need to
Writing is peaceful. I'm not talking about writing for work or school. Writing just on its very own is peaceful. It's enjoyable, relaxing, and free. Imagine having the ability to write without having to think. Just think of it as you are writing in your journal. There are some things the whole world can know about you and then there are some things that no one can know, not even your closest friends. But writing can become your closest friend.  When you're upset, depressed, flustered, or plain out frustrated, you need to know that your journal is near and your thoughts are ready to be written out.

You'll write. You'll learn. You'll stop and see that what you just wrote is exactly the sensations flowing in your mind. And you did it. You wrote out what was bothering you. This is the start to all of writing. If you can't express your emotions in words then you'll have a hard time going anywhere else. It all starts with you. Yes, I'm sorry to say that YOU are the origin once again. But you can do it and you'll learn to love it.

Because the next time that crummy day comes, or the unmerciful morning arises you can know that before long you'll be with your journal and writing down all that has bothered you. And then you'll see how much better you feel. Writing in your journal helps. It soothes your mind and calms the angry soul.

Writing is medicine. Writing brings peace to your mind. Writing lies within you.