Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Why Writing?

Why Should We Write?
Why do I write? I wonder if I only say this or if there are others out there who have the same question (comments are acceptable!). I ask myself one question every single morning of my week, "Why do I work out?" Well, I have an easy and an appropriate answer for that question: I want to look good! So if working out makes me look good, then what does writing do? Ah, I almost think that this sort of question would take far too long to be answered. A composed list of answers would be the only acceptable thing with this question. Writing...well, let's see. Writing makes me feel good. It somehow strangely soothes my soul on a crummy day. I don't know about you, but there are some days where I feel terrible. I feel like I've lost my purpose, my path. And then there are the days where I happily skip along, allowing the sun to kiss my face. Before my day even starts, I take however long I must and jot down 1,000 words. Now, this can be anything--mostly my thoughts--sometimes my inspirations. Once I reach a 1,000 words, I either stop or go on for more. This is the kind of writing for my soul.

Then there is the kind of writing that is set on a deadline. I have a date to reach from my publisher and must put my mind to nothing else but writing. That's the kind of writing that can often give me nothing more but stress. But I'm talking about the kind of writing that is good for you, the one that feels good. I notice that I'm rambling, getting off my track. So, why do I, or you, write? What is it about writing that makes us want to write? Do we do it to impress ourselves, to tell ourselves that we can form sentences? I don't. Do we do it for recognition? I won't answer that. Or do we do it because we can't NOT write. Ha, read that again. We do it because we can't NOT write! There is an urge within my heart, my soul, and in the depth of my mind that makes me write. Because of that feeling, that sensational element makes me write. Again, I have no idea if you feel the same way, I can only speak for me. But when I eat, I feel satisfied, complete. The same goes to when I get a goodnight rest, I feel rejuvenated. When I write, it's as this calm and restful spirit settles over me.

My spirit doesn't sleep when I write. My mind doesn't rest. I only feel peaceful. My mind is wide awake with numerous ideas crowding my thought-life. I like that feeling though. It reminds me that even when I'm thinking up a storm, I can still feel placid. Writing is one of the few things that can do this to me. I can't remember the last time I went a day without writing, it must have been a really, REALLY bad day. I have to write because it's my passion, my desire, my living. There are times where I doubt this, I really wonder if I'm made for the writing lifestyle, but when I ask my friends, they honestly state that I wouldn't be who I am without writing. Writing is contagious. I write because I want to touch other lives, I have too much on my mind to remain silent. When I write, I gain a chance of freedom. When I put my fingers to the computer keyboard, another voice comes out of my heart; a voice that is willing to take a risk to be heard.

So why do I write? I write because I cannot NOT write. I have to write in order to be satisfied, pleased, and content. Now, I ask you: do you think you can develop this passion, this unknown desire you didn't know was in you? I believe everyone can write if they are willing. The mind can be willing and the heart can agree, but the actions must ACT. Don't wait until it's too late and life is over--start now--now when you can.